5. Applications of XTAP

In this video, 10 practical applications of XTAP are introduced. Those are simulation projects actually carried out in transmission and distribution companies.

4. Fundamental usage of XTAP #1: RLC circuit simulation

In this video, how to use XTAP by simulating an RLC series circuit as an example is demonstrated. XTAP requires three main steps to simulate an RLC series circuit as follows:

  • Step 1) Creating an RLC series circuit and adding some measurements on it
  • Step 2) Setting simulation conditions and running a simulation
  • Step 3) Waveform plotting of a simulation result

The simulation schematic file .xsf and the output file .xpf are as follow:

3. How to fix trouble with XTAP 2.3

In this video, how to fix a trouble with the execution of XTAP 2.3 is explained. This trouble occurs when the decimal symbol is set as “,” and the list separator as “;” in the Windows locale settings, which is the default setting for users from the following countries:

  • Most European countries (for example France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain)
  • Most South American countries (for example Argentine, Brazil)
  • Several African countries
  • Several Southeast Asian countries

Download the slides used in the video:

2. How to Install XTAP

In this video, how to download and install XTAP is explained and demonstrated.

Download the slides used in the video:

1. Introduction to XTAP

A video to introduce XTAP is now available on YouTube. What is EMT simulations, what is the difference between EMT and phasor simulations, XTAP’s functions and models, simulation methods used in XTAP, and other information are introduced.

Download the slides used in the video: