We are pleased to release XTAP Ver. 2.51!

The new version of XTAP is available free of charge on the Download page. There is no need of user registration. The installer provided on the Download page can be used for both first-time installation and updating from a previous version.

List of some new features:

  • Now, XTAP runs on Windows 11.
  • Ver. 2.51 and future versions can coexist on the same machine.
  • The solver launching time has been reduced.
  • Improvements to schematic diagrams and shortcuts.
  • A new test case has been added to explain some important components.
  • Transformer models with more winding connections.
  • Improvements to XTLC and XPLT.
  • Bergeron-Cell based transmission-line model is available.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

For details see the release note: